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Campfire Songs CD (1997)

Campfire Songs CD (1997)

Happy Campers first release from many moons ago!. The Humble beginnings for Happy Campers.  
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    Track Listing

    1. I'm a Bum
    2. King of the Castle
    3. Fork in the Road
    4. Struggle
    5. $4.25$
    6. Scam
    7. World's Last Superpower
    8. Romeo & Juliet
    9. No Direction
    10. Let it Be
    11. I got Abducted by Aliens
    12. Faded
    13. Cycle of Uncertainty
    14. Happy Song

    This re release has 4 bonus songs as well from Happy Cameprs 2nd demo
    Crappy Pampers and other tasty treats.
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