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Happy Campers (Black Bear) CD (2003)

Happy Campers (Black Bear) CD (2003)

2003 Release recorded and Mixed by Frank Klepacki.  Self titled release which came to be known as the black bear CD.  Campers really hit there stride with this release and several tracks found way on to TV and Videos.  Wave the Flags eventually produced a Video.
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    Track Listing

    1. Last Breath
    2. Drowning in the Sea of Me
    3. Bark or Bite
    4. Buried Alive
    5. Vegas Son
    6. She was a Girl
    7. You are not Alone
    8. Little Man
    9. Slippin' Away
    10. Smell the Roses
    11. You were a Lion
    12. Waste of Space
    13. No Call No Show
    14. Turnin' Grey
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